Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Introducing Mastermind Racing – A NEW Approach That Puts EVERYTHING In Your Favour!!

Ask yourself a quick question? Are you fed-up with blindly following racing pundits or personalities that – after all – are only giving you THEIR opinion on a horse race? Okay, these people know what they are talking about most of the time and have many industry contacts – but let’s be honest they are only really cashing in on their name, or the fact they are in front of a camera and well-known to the racing public.

Not many of these racing celebs make a profit punting – trust us!!

So – let us ask you another question – how would you like to kick the element of doubt into touch when backing horses? That is now truly possible with our unique MASTERMIND approach that aligns key factors before passing on info to our members.

This approach eliminates the guesswork that many tipsters factor in when assessing races…………………………and the rewards are there for all to see.

We’ve been proofing with the guys at TIPSTER PLATFORMS and passed with flying colours – they only take profitable services under their wing so it’s a top industry accolade to have for us here at MASTERMIND RACING.

See for yourself

AUGUST to SEPTEMBER 2018 STATS……(all proofed to Tipster Platforms)……………….

Plus, a stonking 157 profits since proofing began in July 2018 and 221pts if you backed them with a BOG bookie.

And not only do we have the above this afternoon the guys at Mastermind have given us a double with Matterhorn advised 3/1 and Premier Rose 3/1, that’s another 30points, that adds up to a cracking + 195points so far and for the 1st 12 days of December 52 pts – Pretty Amazing we think!


Plus – you might be thinking……that’s great, but won’t this just throw-up odds-on chances or favourites? Wrong – again you can check the recent results on the right and you’ll see that there’s some tasty prices to be snapped-up.

So, How Does It Work and How Can I JOIN?……

    • Sign-up via the secure page to become a full member (different terms are available)
    • Selections are sent out to members each day via a daily email (sent before 10am every morning)
    • Login to the site to view selections
    • Each bet is either given a 5pt win, or 2.5pt e/w staking plan  (Occasional smaller or larger bets)
    • That’s it – you can continue to be a monthly member for as long as you wish