Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

About Mastermind Racing

Introducing Mastermind Racing – A NEW Approach That Puts EVERYTHING In Your Favour!!

Our background here at MASTERMIND RACING is that we have worked in the horse racing industry for over 20 years. However, unlike other tipping services where it can just be about a person’s opinion or view the MASTERMIND approach takes ALL of that out of the equation.

We have a systematic way of finding selections that revolve around key areas like – GOING, TRACK, TRIP, FIELD SIZE and CLASS OF RACE……………………Once the daily runners have been put though our ratings program they are left with just a handful of horses that have EVERYTHING in their favour that day.

Oh – and if that’s not enough our team at MASTERMIND then put these horses though one final selection process – CURRENT FORM. This will then whittle down the daily selections to on average 2 horses a day but in the process, it now means we are backing horses that are proven over that day’s conditions, plus are also in excellent form based on their most recent races.

This method will churn out improving horses that have all the stars aligned that day – meaning there are little excuses!

Yes, not every day is a winning one (you can see the transparent results for yourself on the site) but what it does mean is that over a period of time the cream will rise to the top!!

Only the horses that have everything going for them based on the conditions of the race are sent out to members and over time this approach will return a profit more often than not!


Plus – you might be thinking……that’s great, but won’t this just throw-up odds-on chances or favourites?

Wrong – again you can check the recent results on the right and you’ll see that there’s some tasty prices to be snapped-up.